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Thoughts for Praise

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BOSKOS Plan a day with your band this fall.

BOSKOS leaders i know that many of you have much on your plate no with regular classes, sports, AP classes, and running for president (Parker good luck). Please don’t forget about your bands and build community within them.  Boskos means to shepherd.  Shepherd them.  Teach them what you know about “Worship” at practices, rehearsals, and […]

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Potted Meat Sept 23rd (Please Read all of Potted Meat)

I (Taffy) am on vacation and on the following weekend i will be on a trip to Texas for a conference, so I won’t be around for the next two weekends. If you need anything please contact Keeley ( or Ervin ( Also Chelsea went to college so don’t contact her about any Wildside or […]

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Vocal Audition Announcement

Simple vocal announcement I made for HSM.  Total time in making this video, 15-20 minutes. 1 Flip Camera, a green screen, old choir footage, and Imovie.

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Potted Meat Sept 16, 2010

HSM and Wildside Students, I love you students more than you know and I pray for you randomly through out the week. The fall is here and you all are in school, in which i have two words for you, HA HA.  I actually like it when your out of school, its so quiet in […]

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