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Claim Jumper/BAND OUTINGS/Writing Songs

I forgot to tell you all this, but when we were all at Claim Jumper for our Boskos meeting the staff was impressed on how well mannered you all were.  That says a lot when it comes to perception of students, but even more its a great testimony is what and who you are leaders […]

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Prep, Practice, and Pray in the HOLY SPIRIT

PREP, PRACTICE, and PRAY.  So many times we think we can just walk up into a service, pick songs, practice during rehearsal and pray that the HOLY SPIRIT will move.  That is just lazy. Our prep time in Months, weeks, or days, before a scheduled service or series the HOLY SPIRTS can move in our […]

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Interview with the Vocal Director of Glee

Each quarter we bring all the students in our ministry to an all band and vocal meeting. There have been times when we have brought in one of pastors from our church, a worship leader from another church, a staff person from our Junior High, or High School ministry to share. This past monday we […]

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Don’t play “Worship Music” just to play “Worship Music”.

BE STRATEGIC:  I beat the drum on this when it comes to our ministry and this past weekend I forgot to stop and think about why I do certain songs in our services.  I realized I got into a routine and didn’t think how we could use a song for its impact. ALWAYS be STRATEGIC […]

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HSM/WILDSIDE songs this past weekend

High School Ministry Sing Sing Sing (Chris Tomlin) No Greater/The Stand (Fee/Hillsong United) May the Words of my Mouth (Tim Hughes) Junior High Wildside Take it All (Hillsong United) Love Came down (Ben Cantelon)

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