HSM BOWL 2011 Rules, Roster, Medical Forms, and Mandatory Meeting

MANDATORY FOR ALL TEAMS: A LEADER, COACH, or CAPTAIN must come to a mandatory meeting on January 22 in the Refinery classroom.  The meeting will begin at 3:00 so come early to turn in all necessary forms.   If someone from your team does not come to this meeting your team is out of the tournament.

12 Teams Only in the Tournament

Teams who turn in all necessary rosters, medical forms, and money will have a reserved spot in the tournament.   Please get them to Taffy in MO2 or info booth of the refinery.  Deadline will January 22 3:15 in the refinery classroom.

Remember flagfootball is about creativity in HSM and whole lot of bragging rights. Its about how fast, fancy, and finessed your team is. We are going back to the old Wildside Rules where each team will need ladies to participate. Again the rules have changed to best accommodate HSM participation as a whole.

Here are the first two rules to understand HSM 2011
• Unlimited students on the roster ($5 dollars per person)
• 1 Adult Leader per team who is a leader of HSM.
• Maximum # of players on the field – 7 – In which 3 Must be Ladies
• Minimum # of players on the field—5 (1 Must be a Lady)
• Maximum # Boy players on the field is 4.
• Maximim # of Ladies, you can fill the whole field with ladies.
NOTE: opponents of teams playing with less than the maximum players allowed DO NOT have to reduce the # of players on the field.

• When Boys score a touch down it equates to 7 points
• When a Lady scores a touch down it equates to 10 points
• 2 points for a safety and defense gets the ball
• The Leaders of the winning and losing teams should report the score of the game to the head official immediately following the end of the game. (give score + team name and game number)

MANDATORY: Saturday Jan 22nd all Coaches/Leaders/or Captains – will need be at this meeting to participate. Refs will need to be at this meeting also.
WHERE: Newhart Middle School – We have the field until 7pm and so the final game will be played under the lights around 6pm.
WHEN: January 23, 2011
TIME: 1:15 Check-in
WHY: For fun. Its a great opportunity to invite your friends from school to come play or hang with your Life Group.
COST: $5 Per Person
NOTE: Make sure your teams knows the RULES!!!

To REGISTER your Team: These must be turn in by January 22nd 3:15 in the Refinery Classroom.
For the Roster click here: HSM ROSTER 2011
For the Medical Form click here: HSM NEW Medical Release
For HSM Football Rules click here: HSM Bowl Rules 2011

Please if you have any questions or need more information please contact Taffy at taffy@saddleback.com.

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