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Kurt and Jake’s Podcast (Commitments, Requirements, Understandings, Dress Code)

To get to the CRUD form and Videos please click on the picture to the right.

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Potted Meat #31 (Posted Sept 23, 2011)

THERE IS SO MUCH GOING ON THIS FALL. There are a lot of changes next week. HSM students i hope you were there last weekend, God was moving in the hearts of students. Bringing healing and hope to many of your peers. We need to be on top of our Ministry. Click on the picture to right to get to Potted Meat!!!

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KILLBALL Queens Tourney Sept 24 – Rules, Medical Form, Rosters

KILLBALL RULES Queens Tournament. Cost per person is $3 dollars each and each person must have a medical form. WInners will receive free entry and first pick in the KILLBALL CHAMPIONSHIP in May. Click on the picture to the right to get to all the info.

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Potted Meat #30

GO TO POTTED MEAT #29 for the Links to sign up for Small Group. GO TO POTTED MEAT #29 FOR SEPTEMBER CALENDAR

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Potted Meat #29 SEPTEMBER

Sorry that this issue of Potted Meat is 2 days late. There is so much information and so i hope i got everything in it. Click on the COS pic to the right to get to the SEPTEMBER edition of Potted Meat.

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