“Lift Him Up” Cluster of Students

On Itunes: Lift Him Up
Written by: Keeley Reed and Cait Plage
Vocals: Keeley Reed
Back Ground Vocals: Keeley Reed
Claps: Casey Lagos and Keeley Reed
Shouts: Casey Lagos and Keeley Reed
Electric, Bass, Keys, Drums: Casey Lagos
Chord Chart PDF:Lift You Up
Recorded at Noise Coalition
Mixed and Mastered by Jason Suwito

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  1. […] Cluster of Students (made up of our HSM students) just released a new single on iTunes written by one of our staff – it is called Lift Him Up and has really caught on in our ministry. Give it a preview and if you would think it work in your ministry please download it. And please grab the charts, etc over on Taffy’s Rice and Worship blog, too! […]

  2. By “Cluster of Students” Auditions on April 26, 2012 at 10:01 PM

    […] it doesn’t help the other instrumentalists during rehearsals. Learn this song for the audition: “Lift Him Up” by the Cluster of Students. We will ask you to play the intro, verse 1, and the chorus. BASS […]

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