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Potted Meat #29 SEPTEMBER

Sorry that this issue of Potted Meat is 2 days late. There is so much information and so i hope i got everything in it. Click on the COS pic to the right to get to the SEPTEMBER edition of Potted Meat.

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Potted Meat #28

Click on the pic to the right for the info. Prayers for you students as school is about to start.

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“Cluster of Students” Leading Night of Worship @ Saddleback Church

Cluster of Students (Wildside and HSM of Saddleback Youth) leading Saddleback Big Church Night of Worship.

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Potted Meat #27

Click on the Pic to the Right to get to POTTED MEAT 27

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Cluster of Students leads Night of Worship at Saddleback August 3rd

Saddleback Church once a month does a Night of Worship on the first Wednesday of each month. This one is a special one to us because the Cluster of Students (Wildside and HSM) will be leading this one. This is NOT A CONCERT, this is an encounter with God through prayer, scriptures, song, baptism, communion, offering, and God’s love letter taught by Pastor Buddy Owens. Click on the picture to the right to see video.

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